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Crafted Senior Thesis Project

Craft brewers create their beer for themselves, but also for loyal patrons and friends. I wanted to develop a way for brewers to make effective packaging that embodies the “for the people, by the people” mentality of craft brewing, while staying true to their brand. 


The left bottle was created by crowd sourcing design ideas and following those very strictly. The middle bottle was created with 50% crowd sourcing and 50% my own design ideas. These first two also feature a shape that represents Downtown Kalamazoo, MI. The last bottle was created 100% from my design vision and plays of the artistic term hue.

Reciprocity A Brief History of Graphic Design

This book was an 18 person class project. The goal was to create a timeline of graphic design history. When worked in sub-committees for each aspect of this book (Type & Grid, Color & Timeline, and the Packaging). I was also tasked with being co-project manager and designing the credit pages.

New Wave Manipulation Mock-Exhibition Poster 

This poster was designed to capture the design style of "visiting designers" Wolfgang Weingart and April Greiman. I combined Weingart's "New Wave" style and Greiman's manipulation of said "New Wave" style. I was also able to utilize my love of collage to add my own touch to this piece.

Origin Family Tree Guide Book

This book was designed using data from and personal accounts from my family. I wanted an accessible way for non-tech savvy family members to see our family lineage. More specifically, I wanted to show when relatives from Europe came to the US. Each leaf marks a person who ventured to the US and they are color coded by what country they came from. The end of the line is my brother and I. 

That's How We Roll ! A Guide to HABiT Marching Technique

This little booklet was designed for new WMU Marching Band member in mind. As a former WMU Marching band member I thought a handheld guide to proper marching technique would've been a useful practice tool. 

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